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What Readers Whisper

—Virginie B—


I love photography. I love good photography. I love inspiring and insightful photography. Therefore, I love Stillness: Whispers From Nature...when you view these images and your mind takes you on its own journey, you are given the opportunity to BE on that journey with the photographer. That is a very different experience...

—Bill R (photographer)—

—Liz Q—

a gorgeous


I find Stillness, Kent Burkhardsmeier’s breathtaking volume of poetry and photography, so elevating and worth recommending—because it captures the power of nature to quiet the mind. It’s a spiritual experience in itself to see joy arise from stillness—and that’s what happens to me as I page through the book.

—Melinda French Gates—

—Leanne P—

Stillness has the power to transport readers to their happy place. For me, the image of sky and palm trees on page 72, along with the poem Awakening, had me daydreaming about my annual vacation to Palm Springs. This feel good book is a fantastic gift idea for the holidays. Why not add a note about your happy place for the recipient to ponder? What a great way to connect during this oddly disconnected year of 2020.


It is amazing

—Janel S—

—Kathy D—

It couldn’t have come at a better moment in time. Since I am physically alone 75% of the time these days...To receive this gift during this pandemic, when all the seasons of our lives have changed, makes this moment even more special. What an opportunity to rise above the storms.

—Claudia J—


It’s so beautiful and
so special to me on many levels

absolutely gorgeous book...What an absolute treat! Kent's photos are incredibly beautiful—the deserts, mountains, coastlines, and vistas are all perfectly captured. He is clearly a very talented landscape photographer, but the addition of his poetry really brings his photos to life and makes paging through his book a much more spiritual experience. The photo/poem combinations truly highlight the joyful and soothing power of stillness and nature. Each one brought special memories flooding back or made me contemplate the wonder of the Earth in some way

—Claire D—

—Shelley L—

Wonderful, wonderful art!!!
writing is so thought inducing.


Kent, congratulations on the quiet vastness of your beautiful book. The poems are reminiscent, as Melinda says, of John O' Donahue and, for me, also of Basho...And your photographs are so opening, worlds to enter, reminiscent to me of Ed Weston and Ansel Adams

—Mark N (Author)—

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